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  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

    Post cycle therapy is a method of employing drugs which work via various mechanisms to go about trying to aid stabilizing and restoring a user's hormones back to normal once a suppressive anabolic androgenic steroid cycle has been ceased.

  • Patent For Innovative Nanoparticle

    British Dragon Pharma announced today that it has received a U.S. patent relating to its calcium phosphate nanoparticles (CAP). In addition to disclosing the compound itself, the new patent discloses methods of manufacture and use of CAP.

  • Transmucosal Insulin Administration

    British Dragon Pharma announced today that it presented pre-clinical data suggesting its transmucosal insulin can deliver significant dosages of insulin into the bloodstream

  • Significant Testabol Propionate Phase II Efficacy Results

    British Dragon Pharma announced new Testabol Propionate (bioidentical testosterone propionate) Phase II clinical trial efficacy data will be presented today at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Philadelphia.

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Methanabol Tablets

42.00 USD

Methanabol Tablets

General information:

For Oral Administration
Composition: Methandienone
Dosage: 10 mg/tablet
Unit: 100 Tablets
Manufactured by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals


Name: Methanabol Tablets
Other common names and terms: Danabol,Metandienone, Dbol, Methandienone, Methanabol, Pronabol, Perbolin, Metaboline, Metandiabol, Trinergic, Metastenol, Anabol, Nabolin, Dbirol, Andoredan, Dianabolic, Dianoxyl, Methanodex, Metanabol, GP Methan, Restauvit, Methanoplex, Dianabolos, Methandrostenolone, Lanabolin, Methafurin, Naposim, Metabolina, Stenolon, Encephan, Nerobol, Danabol DS, Dianabol, Methacaps, Nerobil, D-bol
Active Life: 3.2-4.5 Hours
Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
Detection Time: 5-6 Weeks
Chemical Structure: 17О±-Methyl-17ОІ-hydroxyandrost-1,4-dien-3-one
Common Doses: 20 mg/day
Blood pressure: Yes
Acne: Yes
Water retention: High
Aromatisation: High
Liver toxicity: Yes
Decrease HPTA function: None

Methanabol or Dbol in tablets can be considered the most effective active substance in terms of increasing the total body musculature, which is the main component of numerous steroids. Its production is today carried out by the world-famous company British Dragon Pharma.

Initially, Methandienone was used only in the medical field in order to treat burns of varying degrees, with fractures and kidney failure. Now athletes can also evaluate the effect of methandienone. It increases the level of proteins and nitrogen in the body, has a fat burning effect, is indispensable for building muscle, improves endurance and reduces pain. As a type of methane, it has a beneficial effect on increasing the amount of calcium in the bone structure. It provides reliable protection against injury during training and important performances. Taking a course with a drug containing methandienone is good for a beginner in order to be able to cope with increased physical exertion. It helps to carry out high-quality regeneration at the cellular level.

Main Effects

The steroid profile of Methanabol, looks like this: it is a steroid with pronounced anabolic and androgenic properties, showing it as a percentage of testosterone in the amount of 200% and 50%, respectively. Shows activity inside the body for 5 hours. During laboratory tests, it is found in the blood for up to 5 weeks. It has a low degree of progestogenic activity. The release form is pills.

The advantages of this drug include the rapid acquisition of solid muscles, an increase in physical strength, acceleration of protein synthesis processes, strengthening of the athlete's bones, anti-catabolic effect, increased appetite compared to the one available before the start of the cycle. You can always buy Methanabol in the USA at our online store.

Methanabol is very popular among bodybuilders, because it makes it possible to rapidly build muscle - in one solo dose, the indicator can reach up to 15% of body weight. In addition, Methanabol works to speed up protein synthesis, which helps repair muscle fibers damaged during exhausting workouts. Improves appetite, because it is food that can give any athlete a supply of energy. Indispensable in terms of strengthening ligaments, joints and skeleton. Possesses a pronounced anti-catabolic property, stimulates an increase in physical strength.

Methanabol Cycle

Cycle length for men is 6 to 8 weeks, the dosage is from 5 to 50 mg per day, selected individually. Also, this drug can be recommended for women in the amount of 2 - 5 mg daily, no more, to avoid the effect of virilization. It is better to divide the daily dose into 2 doses - in the morning and in the evening. It is permissible for beginners to use 30 - 40 mg of this drug per day, which is 3 - 4 tablets. Methanabol is perfectly combined with other anabolic steroids, together with a specialist you can choose an effective stack. For example, at the final stage of taking Methanabol, a combination with injectable Stanabol is recommended to consolidate the gained muscles. If your goal is only to increase the muscles, you can use this drug in combination with Testabol Enanthate or Decabol.

British Dragon Pharma's Methanabol is recommended for use on a solo cycle in an amount of 30 mg per day for no more than 6 weeks. This will be enough to increase the musculature in the amount of 8 - 10 kg. The muscle loss after the cycle does not exceed 2 - 5 kg. It is better to take it on an empty stomach, and start with 10 mg per day and gradually increase to 30 mg. It is advised to take Clomiphene or Tamoxifen simultaneously from the first days of the cycle at 10 mg per day as a future PCT. They continue to be taken for 2 weeks after the end of the course. To restore testosterone levels, use the testosterone booster Tribulus as PCT - from the first week of the cycle and then another 3-4 weeks. The best combined cycles - Methanabol with Testabol propionate in an amount of 30 mg per day and 100 mg every other day, respectively; Methanabol and Testabol enanthate - at a dosage of 30 mg per day and 500 mg per week; Methanabol and Decabol - 30 mg per day and 200 mg per week.

Side Effects

If we talk in general about this drug, then side effects can be water retention in the muscles, swelling of the body or face, the appearance of unwanted fat deposits, loss of muscle shape and vascularity, the phenomenon of gynecomastia (hardening on the nipples), loss of acquired results after the cycle (found in 60 - 80% of cases). But if you take this drug in the recommended doses and no longer than the prescribed period, side effects do not occur.



  • Aug 21, 2021 (23:35) Gave to a friend since I am a large man with a very high tendency to gain/retain water weight. Friend used it for 10 days and then bought his own because he loved taking it pre work out. He said he felt fuller and gave him a great feeling and pump during work outs.
  • Aug 19, 2021 (22:44) The d-Bol was awesome, it gave me the extra strength with out any nose bleeds that I've experienced on other d-Bol.
  • Aug 17, 2021 (06:14) I was on a 12 week cycle consisting of dbol prop and winny. The dbol took effect a week after I started it. Gained a couple pounds in just 2 weeks. The prop is what really got me..went from 175 to 208 .Finished up with the winny and saw some crazy vascularity.
  • Aug 13, 2021 (06:13) The methanabol is as good as your going to find on the market. I'm taking 3 day and am just damn happy on the stuff.
  • Jul 7, 2021 (05:31) I didn't write a review about the British Dragon D-Bol I ordered.(THE BEST I EVER HAD!!!!) That is some excellent,grade A D-Bol. I've had quite a bit of different D-Bol from different labs but British Dragon is the best I had and even at lower doses than normal/ I'm always trying to out do myself with each workout compared to the day before. always trying to push myself to the extreme. Muscle is definitely much fuller (a little water) much more energy,shorter and shorter recovery time at the same time lifting more and more weight. 5/5 without a doubt.
  • Feb 8, 2021 (07:53) Ran BD's DBOL the first 4 weeks and BD WINSTROL the last 4 weeks and they are both also amazing products as well. The Dbol gave great strength gains and pumps and combined perfectly with the Test Prop to jump start my cycle and the BD Winstrol helped me finish out my cycle lean, solid and ripped looking vascular with veins popping out everywhere.

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