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  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

    Post cycle therapy is a method of employing drugs which work via various mechanisms to go about trying to aid stabilizing and restoring a user's hormones back to normal once a suppressive anabolic androgenic steroid cycle has been ceased.

  • Patent For Innovative Nanoparticle

    British Dragon Pharma announced today that it has received a U.S. patent relating to its calcium phosphate nanoparticles (CAP). In addition to disclosing the compound itself, the new patent discloses methods of manufacture and use of CAP.

  • Transmucosal Insulin Administration

    British Dragon Pharma announced today that it presented pre-clinical data suggesting its transmucosal insulin can deliver significant dosages of insulin into the bloodstream

  • Significant Testabol Propionate Phase II Efficacy Results

    British Dragon Pharma announced new Testabol Propionate (bioidentical testosterone propionate) Phase II clinical trial efficacy data will be presented today at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Philadelphia.

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Anastrozole Tablets

54.00 USD

Anastrozole Tablets

General information:

For Oral Administration
Composition: Anastrozole
Dosage: 1 mg/tablet
Unit: 50 Tablets
Manufactured by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals


Name: Anastrozole Tablets
Other common names and terms: Anastrozole Tablets, Altrol, Arimixyl, Anastrozolos, Stazonex, Arimidex, Femistra, Redest, Anatero, PMBC, Femitraz, Armilon, Anastrocare, Anabrez, Qubol, Aridex, Altraz, Armotraz
Active Life: 2 Days
Drug Class: Aromatase Inhibitor; Antiestrogen
Detection Time: 72 Hours
Chemical Structure: 2,2'-[5-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)-1,3-phenylene]bis(2-methylpropanenitrile)
Common Doses: 1 mg Each Other Day
Blood pressure: No
Acne: No
Water retention: No
Aromatisation: No
Liver toxicity: No
Decrease HPTA function: None

Let's get acquainted with a wonderful aromatase inhibitor drug called Anastrozole, which is being made by British Dragon Pharma. Like so many drugs used in bodybuilding and powerlifting, this one has a special application in medicine. It is usually prescribed for women when they enter menopause.

Typically, the daily dosage is 1 mg. It is able to reduce the estradiol content by up to ninety percent. Its large dosages are of an androgenic and progestogenic nature, and along with this, they have no effect on the production of aldosterone and cortisol. If you compare Anastrozole with aminoglugetimide, its half-life is much longer, and small doses of the drug prevent feminization.

The drug is excreted from the body within fifty hours (this period may be less). Nevertheless, it is worth taking into account that the drug can sometimes be found in urine even after seventy-two hours.

Main Effects

This drug does not lead to the accumulation of excess water in the body, as well as gynecomastia. Many bodybuilders take Anastrozole as a heavy anabolic steroid. As already mentioned, its use does not lead to feminization. It is able to slow down many diseases in development by reducing the level of estrogen in the blood.

Anastrozole Cycle

The duration of the course of this drug is very short and is only ten, sometimes fourteen days. In this case, Anastrozole should be taken every day, one mg. The drug acts very quickly on the body.

To accelerate its entry into the bloodstream, you can take the drug on an empty stomach. You can also use Anastrozole with meals. The impact speed in this case will decrease slightly. Seven days of taking the drug is enough for its blood level to reach a stable level. Sometimes on the course there is a deterioration in the condition of the hair (the hair becomes noticeably weaker and thinner), the urogenital zone is distinguished by dryness of the mucous membranes.

Some recipients may develop a rash, diarrhea, or vomiting. In rare cases, Anastrozole leads to impaired liver function. The drug is quite powerful, so it should be taken very carefully. You may well not experience side effects if you follow the dosage, your sports diet, and your training schedule.

Most experienced athletes say that combining Anastrozole is best with finasteride or androgens. These drugs will reduce the risk of gynecomastia to a minimum. This combination has a good suppression of the estrogenic properties of the drug.



  • Feb 16, 2021 (11:52) Anastrozle works great for me Keeps the tiny knot that sometimes comes usually in my left nip. With 3 maybe 4 doses like the lump was never there

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